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Dennis Tan Dental Surgery was established in 1988 as a modest one chair practice. To meet the needs of our patients we have grown to a 3 chair practice with 2 dental surgeons and 1 dental therapist. We pride ourselves on technology and new techniques and materials. One of the first to use computerized digital radiography which reduces radiation and do away with the use of harsh chemicals to process film. Health, safety and hygiene are enhanced.

Our clinic is constantly upgrading with the latest equipment and technology to provide effective and efficient treatment to our patients. Our clinic uses CAD/CAM system to provide crowns, inlay & onlay, bridges on the same day. Traditionally, patient has to wait between 1 to 2 weeks for their crowns/inlay/onlay or bridges to be fabricated by the dental laboratory. With the CAD/CAM system, patient can have his/her new crown/inlay/onlay in a single visit. CBCT digital radiography is used to assist in surgeries such as implants and wisdom teeth removal.


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Dr. Dennis Tan
BDS (S’pore) DGDP RCS (Eng)
Dental Surgeon

Dr Dennis Tan Meng Kok

Dr. Noe Zin Myo
BDSc (University of Western Australia) Dental Surgeon

Dr. Noe Zin Myo

Dr. Emily Tan
BDS (Adelaide) Dental Surgeon

Dr. Emily Tan

Ms. Pearly Tan
Dip. in Dental Hygiene and Therapy (Singapore)

Ms. Pearly Tan

Medisave Accredited day surgery clinic Dennis Tan Dental Surgery is accredited by the Singapore Ministry of Health as a day surgery facility. 

Patients who are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents of Singapore may be able to claim a portion of their surgical expenses from their Medisave Account. Wisdom teeth surgery and implant surgery may be claimable under Medisave. The exact amount would depend on the complexity of the procedure.

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Asked Questions

You should have at least twice a year check-up with your dentist to detect early signs of gum disease, decay, drifting of teeth and other abnormalities present in your oral structure.

Early detection ensures that your time and money is saved in the long run. Neglect or postponement of dental visits until there is pain usually requires more complicated forms of treatment and will cost more too.
Gum disease is caused by bacteria that accumulate around the teeth and gum margins. These bacteria produce toxins and acids that cause dental decay, gum swelling, bleeding and sensitivity. If left long enough, deep decay as well as weakening of tooth support will result. Drifting of teeth, gum bleeding, discomfort on chewing and loose teeth are usually signs of gum disease.
"Bad" breath or halitosis is most commonly caused by oral neglect. Decayed teeth, infected gum and purulent discharge, defective filings all contribute to this condition. Other causes of "bad" breath include medical conditions such as tonsillitis, throat infections, sinusitis, long standing lung infections or gastro-intestinal disturbances.

When the cause of "bad" breath is determined from poor oral health, thorough dental tratment coupled with regular six-monthly visits will help reduce the severity. Your dentist may also recommend special mouthwash or tooth paste to combat these problems.
There are usually four of them which erupt in a person's mouth in his/her early or late 20's. Some are buried within the bone, others may be impacted and require removal.

Problems commonly associated with impacted wisdom teeth are infection, gum problem, decay, crowding of the front teeth and pathology.

Your dentist will take the necessary x-rays and advise you on the appropriate treatment.
There are many factors which cause people to be dissatisfied with their smile. This can be due to defective fillings on the front teeth, discolouration, staining, crooked and/or protruding teeth, malrelationship of the jaws, etc.

Treatment options depend on the cause of the problems and this can range from replacement of the defective fillings to veneer, tooth whitening, bonding or orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist will advise you on the treatment options available to improve your smile, the treatment duration and the costs involved.

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